12/08/2013 Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks and Schedule

NBA Expert Picks for Fanduel 12/08/2013, Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball NBACIRCLE Show 3 Players in Lineups From NBA Fantasy News, Notes and Information Analysis.

Andre Drummond $8,700 : Andre Drummond plays 30up minutes, which helped Detroit immensely. Drummond the solid defender can help Pistons win over Heat.

Kobe Believe

Kobe Bryant $8,300 : Kobe announces that he will return to the Los Angeles LakersĀ  vs. Toronto Raptors on 8 December 2013. Kobe Bryant in lineup only $8,300.

Terrence Jones $5,700 : Orlando Magic got problem Nikola Vucevic not fully fit. Terrence Jones easy way to score and rebounds help Rockets win over Magic.

NBA 12/08/2013 Schedule
Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks
Miami Heat vs. Detroit Pistons
Orlando Magic vs. Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
Toronto Raptors vs. LA Lakers